Every Donation Helps

Our House is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Currently our agency accesses different funding sources to try and meet a variety of needs and consistently strives to make ongoing improvements to the facilities that we utilize. A large portion of the revenues that we receive are either funded by families of the individuals that we serve or from state and federal government funded programs.

Lending A Hand When You Need Us Most

With a waiting list of individuals that need served and a growing base of individuals being served, we have decided to actively promote alternative methods of funding for our organization. Alternative funding from generous individuals, family offices, businesses and foundations could empower more lives. More capital infusion into our organization would go towards permanent facilities that can be utilized by more individuals and the staff to provide for them.

Our fiscal responsibly and the impact that we have on individuals and their families is dramatic. Please contact us to learn more about our organization and to learn how you could positively improve the lives of the individuals that we serve. Or watch our video on this page to learn more about our take on “Giving for a better life.”